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This is Currently a demo, we were told by our advisors to post this game, we have got permission from  Epic Games to post this game as a beta (if we change the scripting which we did. We are also releasing the alpha version soon which is going to be completely different Than this game. Sorry :(  if we caused any inconvenience. We are also taking the game down and putting it back up when it is in alpha, and is changed completely( You will not be able to download this game until the alpha mode comes out)

For more info please visit the following link: https://spark.adobe.com/page/GeY6MgzOIp7dQ/

Game Info: 

Robots have declared their independence from humans and have consequently take over the human city. The city advances technologically as a result of the robot control. The robots frequently battle each other for control over territory. These battles take places in different locations over the land. They must also face unexpected challenges caused by unusual weather patterns as a result of the increased pollution of Carbon Dioxide. Story modes will be released featuring a robot's journey from a soldier to the leader of the largest territory in the world. 

Additional game modes such as the following will be released with the full game:





Hey guys, Thanks for your patience! The Death Wave full version is soon available to download in 2019! If you desire early access to the game, this can be achieved by becoming a member on our site and filling out the form for early access. A copy of Death Wave will be emailed out to our members upon release.

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